Research Institute creating practical values of technologies
Institute for Advanced Engineering

The IAE (Institute for Advanced Engineering) is an academy-industry-institute collaboration complex as well as a research association of industrial technologies, which is established by the Act on the Support of Industrial Technology Research Association. It aims for the introduction and distribution of advanced technologies and R&D in the field of industrial technologies.

The IAE is a non-profit research institution carrying forward more than 100 project-based-system(PBS) cooperation every year with its association member companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, universities, and contributed research institutes. It studies on what the business practically needs through facility sharing and joint research and diffuses advanced technologies to foster ‘Small-Gant’ companies. It also contributes to the improvement of enterprises’ industrial competitive power by forging mid- and long-term coexistent research collaboration networks.

The IAE has played a leading role in studying the field of coal·waste·biomass gasification and energization, waste recycling, rare metal recovery and is strengthening the R&D and technological power of hydrogen and wind energy, IoT based robot systems, and high precision manufacture·measurement·drive systems utilizing the FTS, which are in the spotlight as the technologies for the future generation and the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution. Especially, it is the IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) that the IAE has studied for more than 20 years since 1992 when it was established.

The IAE will be a world-class research institute through unceasingly striving to develop not only demand-side pragmatic technologies which the business world can use but also cutting-edge ones to solve our socio-economic problems and secure national competitiveness.

President Jin Kyun Kim