Technology Development Service


The AIE is supporting solving technical difficulties and new cutting-edge technology development in enterprise manufacturing site based on accumulated technologies and know-how, and technology development by signing cooperation agreements(MOU) with companies if they need it in terms of strategy.
Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle technology(IGCC) Organic waste recycling technology
Waste gasification/incineration melting technology Soil/Wastewater green treatment technology
Clean fuel/chemical raw material manufacturing technology
Resource Recycling
E-waste total recycling technology (display, refrigerators, etc.) Functional materials manufacturing technology
Recovery of valuable metals and materialization technology Nitrogen oxide reduction catalyst production/process technology
Industrial Robot Technology Laser welding technology
Precision processing technology Plasma application technology
Technique of Goods
Design technique based on reliability Structure / dynamics / vibration / noise / fatigue / optimization analysis technology
Communication / monitoring / control technology Test and evaluation technology (vibration, noise, sensibility, human body vibration, etc.)