Center for Advanced Materials & Processing


Advanced Materials and Processes Center studies on components materials for energy/environment fields, organic/inorganic materials such as metal, ceramic, polymer, the recycling processes and materialization of valuable wastes resources ,etc. The center seeks the development of fundamental technologies and brings the technologies into practical uses in the field of alloy and advanced material manufacturing processes for intensified competitiveness and sophisticated materials through functional component materials, value-added materialization, and valuable metal recycling technologies. It specializes in powder, such as copper(Cu) alloy, light metals, energy storage, shape memory alloy, aero-materials, etc. and additionally conducts researches on the recovery of highly efficient useful resources and the added value enhancement of reusable materials. Based on these technologies and experiences, the center is conducting academy-industry-institute collaboration and research and business development(R&BD) projects with various experts from the government, corporations, and universities.