AI & Mechanical System Center


The AI & Mechanical System Centers seeks integrated technologies of design, production, and verification test for product development specialized in CAE engineering, ICT & Intelligent control, smart welding. And we seeks to smart engineering for health monitoring of the fabricated components in the all industry. Its research processes are systematized as a one-step-service type. The center aims at providing a total solution for products developing technologies by efficiently solving multidisciplinary complex problems and research diversity of product commercialization through industry-academy-institute collaboration.

Its main research fields are machine system, telecommunication, sound system, automobile, environment, national defense, all of the welding etc. and currently conducting researches on human sensibility ergonomics, micro-vibration control, laser and arc, resistance welding, dissimilar welding, brazing, non-destructive test, ultra-precision finishing, intelligent manufacture, smart sensor, electrical electronics, IoT based system, and smart factory technologies. The center focuses on the practical use of system engineering with its continuously accumulated experience and performance and plays a leading role in pragmatic cutting edge technologies and root industry technology coexisting with enterprises in the future society.